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Ebook Depression Among Christians, Now What ?

Depression among christians, now what?

Depression among chriatians is not just a book, but it was written to be an instrument to help people with the struggle of this disease, since depression is no longer something that we just hear about, but it became something real, and when people have to face it, they become desperate. However is possible to find a way out to that depressive moments/episodes. Furthermore, is possible to face this disease even when it becomes a chronic condition.

In this guide, authors align science and faith, in order to understand the mechanisms that involvs depression, its origin, things that could trigger and symptoms, so they can point a path for treatment.

When the myth arround depression is undone, and starts to be seen as a pathology that is often followed by spiritual factors, it can be faced naturally and, therefore, more effectively.

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Dados do Livro

  • Por Rodrigo Assunção
  • Publicado em 23/07/2019
  • ISBN: 9788582457238
  • Língua: eng
  • Páginas: 175
  • Formato: ePub

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