Capa nome do livro

Deus ex machina is real !!!

Marcelo Tibana, The Poet from Omaezaki, Le Poète Grand Bleu

Capa nome do livro

Deus ex machina is real !!!

Marcelo Tibana, The Poet from Omaezaki, Le Poète Grand Bleu

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The Poet from Omaezaki

A prime poetry of me… ln the primordial wave l saw infinities waves that made particles and photons that made atoms that made perfect molecules, bodies, planets, stars and Gods & Goddesses !!
Milkway, Solarsystem, Oceans, the Natural Quantic Quantum Quanta Computer…

Salt and water electrical conductor!!!

Pure healing power.

Longevity??? Psalm 151 Do it by yourself!!!

​Have you ever stopped to think that maybe the oceans are a thinking mass? The entire Planet “Gaia” the entire Universe. And that maybe everything has no end. There is no end to big and small too!

​The New Physics that emerged says that our universe is not the only one that exists (macrocosm) and we still don’t understand dark energy and how a particle is built instead of destroying it (microcosm).
Perhaps the human being is creation of this universe. See human size is the exact size to study both microcosm and macrocosm. We are this universe trying to understand itself. The whole of the thing has no end for big and small, it had no beginning and will never have an end. The human mind has to struggle to understand something so infinite. The human genius is that with words (tool) it is possible! God has infinite levels of existence. It’s up to us to understand.
You may ask, why understand better? To get to live better! In macrocosm Space Exploration and more. In the microcosm, Medicine and much more. To understand God in this universe is to take possession of our inheritance. Since this inheritance is all there is.

Each of us is this universe trying to understand itself. Therefore, we are made in the image and ideological likeness of God. Bodily resemblance is ridiculous. But God gave us his son Jesus Christ to be an example, of course male. Is Mary Magdalene a female role model?

I do not know. If I knew everything I would be a PhD in Philosophy. I only got a quill pen from God because I asked to be a Poet.

But everything I said above leads us to a rather poetic conclusion; if the spirit of this planet is called Gaia, the spirit of this universe is called God! …

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