The Human Change Management Body of Knowledge

In the first part of this book, we present the concept of Change Management, its players, strategies and applicable models. In the second part we address the set of good practices, the methodology and tools that we called HCMBOK – Human Change Management Body of Knowledge. Its structure comprises 38 macro-activities and 140 activities, developed from the planning up to the post-project phase, also known as *production*, when the project itself is already completed but the change must be supported until it is embedded into the organizational culture. In the final part, we list the competencies we consider to be essential to the change manager and present 2 cases, a successful case and an unsuccessful one.

Carla Campos
Psychologist with post-graduation in People Management; Assessment Consultant; Certified Professional, Self Coach with International Certification from ECA – European Coaching Association and GCC – Global Coaching Community; Post-graduation in Human Resources Management and in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Over the recent years she has dedicated herself to the Study of Human Development, Creativity and Innovation, Change Management, People Management, Coach, Outplacement, Talent Recruitment and Selection, Losses and Resilience.

Vicente Gonçalves
His education includes Performance Arts, Social Sciences, Information Technology Marketing and Business Management. He enhanced his management and leadership knowledge in MIT Sloan Executive Education – Boston, USA and IMD – Lausanne, Switzerland. For 25 years he was a consultant and executive in global companies. He is the president of the Human Change Management Institute where he specialized in Corporate Environment Humanization, Creativity and Innovation, Change Management, Team Integration and Formation, using theatrical, singing and cinema techniques.
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  • Por Vicente Gonçalves | Carla Campos
  • Publicado em 31/10/2016
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