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The Productivity Ecosystem offers a perspective on how organizations thrive in the 21st-century”. Written having 21st-century thoughtful leaders in mind, it is intended to help them fostering sustainable productivity as a competitive edge to thrive in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business landscape.
The essential message is that, contrary to the conventional wisdom, we don’t manage time. Instead, what effective individuals and teams really do to pursue high productivity, is to manage all their tasks, energy, and their resources—time included—systematically and efficiently. They are skillful in the habits of eliminating wasteful activities, organizing the most value-adding tasks, and communicating assertively.

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  • Por Rafael Jaén Williamson
  • Publicado em
  • ISBN: 9786586249668
  • Língua: eng
  • Páginas: 77
  • Formato: ePub
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