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The spiritual book for women who wish to get pregnant

This book is for you who dream of being a mother. Here, you won’t find tips on how to know if you are ovulating, which tea helps with fertility or symptoms that you are pregnant. It’s not that these things aren’t important. But, for our approach, information like those are not a priority. In special, for women who are invited to revisit their own journey through the means of a diagnosis of couple’s infertility. There is something a lot bigger that must be evidenced, but little is talked about it in the books on this topic, in news stories about infertility or in support groups for the women who are trying to conceive. And this is where the core of this book resides: to bring into our consciousness the spiritual movement necessary to allow yourself to experience the maternity, overcoming the difficulties faced for the achievement of a pregnancy. All the information that will be shared in this work is based on millenary, secular knowledge, and from a very particular intuitive process, with all of them leaving the field of ideas and moving to the field of action. All of them started to be part of my routine as a trying woman, and I have no doubts that they led me to achieve my dream of becoming a mother of my both sons Gael (2014) and Benício (2017), both through assisted reproduction.

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Dados do Livro

  • Por Gabriela Lacerda
  • Publicado em 15/07/2019
  • ISBN: 9788582456859
  • Língua: eng
  • Páginas: 174
  • Formato: ePub

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