eBooks in Brazil: after 6 months, portuguese catalog jumps from 11 to 16 thousand titles

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In February 2012, we published at Revolução eBook the results of a research done by Simplíssimo, an image of the eBooks situation in Brazil until then – how many were on sale, in which bookstores, published by which publisher, etc. Six month later, the research was redone, to evaluate the evolution rhythm of the digital market in Brazil. For this, Simplíssimo researched methodologically all the eBooks publicly offered, on the websites of the 3 main eBook bookstores in Portuguese (in alphabetical order, Amazon, Gato Sabido and Saraiva). What did we verify? We verified a consistent acceleration of the digital books supply in Brazil.

Some predictions from the beginning of the year are not confirmed yet – for example, Amazon and Apple did not start officially the eBook sales for Brazil. Apparently, it has not stopped Brazilian publishers and authors from betting on the digital format. Instead, they stepped on the accelerator, and for real. Today the total supply of eBooks in Portuguese (titles only, no repeats) has surpassed the mark of 16 000 titles. It seems little, but it is a great progress: in just six months over 5000 new eBooks went on sale, equivalent to 50% of what was offered until February 2012.

Persisting this rate of eBooks supply growth, certainly by the beginning of 2013 to mark the 20,000 unique titles in Portuguese will be exceeded. And the increase in supply has already started a virtuous circle to digital format. Last week, the president of Saraiva, Marcilio Pousada, reported that 30% of online sales of the book 50 Shades of Gray, were in the eBook version. It is a bestseller that appeared in the papers, but there are other examples as well opposites. The most prominent is the resounding success of Bel Pesce, the entrant young author who recorded in just 20 days over 350 thousand downloads of her eBook about entrepreneurship. They are examples that demonstrate the potential for acceptance (and sales) of eBooks in Brazil. If in 2011 the sales of eBooks were frustrating, this was due to the tiny offering of titles – until February 2012, no bookstore offered more than 7,000 eBooks on their websites.

If on one hand the total number of eBooks increased quickly and consistently, on the other hand, no bookstore alone was able to concentrate this growth, persisting the situation found previously. In the case of Amazon, it is even more surprising because it still follows far behind the Brazilian competitors, despite being in negotiation with publishers since late 2011. Throughout the week, we will explore these and other subjects:

Tuesday: Amazon catalog in Portuguese continues to be the shortest of the bookstores
Wednesday: Public Domain eBooks represent almost 20% of the offer from Amazon
Thursday: 10 publishers sell 50% of all eBooks, 160 publishers sell only 6%
Friday: Major national bookstores offer 80% of eBooks in Portuguese

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SimplíssimoeBooks in Brazil: after 6 months, portuguese catalog jumps from 11 to 16 thousand titles

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