iPad mini manufactured in Brazil? Very likely, new iPad is already being done since June

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A rumor spreads quickly among sites specialized in Apple products, that iPad mini would be manufactured in Brazil. And it might be true. The Foxconn plant in Brazil already produces and exports the new iPad, according to Veja, the leading news magazine in Brazil. That information was reported only two weeks ago.

The Chinese MacOtakara publication reported that tests ended in China, and mass production would take place in the Foxconn factory installed in Brazil. Some sites claim even further, that the iPad Mini would be made exclusively in Brazil. Such source said that production would begin in September, preparing deliveries of the Christmas period. But no confirmation on the exact dimensions or appearance of the new device.

Either way, Foxconn factory in Brazil received a lot of support and taxes exemptions, and it was made a priority by brazilian president Dilma Roussef. Since it’s already operating, it’s perfectly possible that iPad Mini is really going to be manufactured in Brazil. After all, american media was concerned on the labor conditions in China, and brazilian labor laws grants works many rights that Chinese only dream of, like 30 days vacations and a max of 44 hours of work per week, among other benefits.

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SimplíssimoiPad mini manufactured in Brazil? Very likely, new iPad is already being done since June

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